Stanistreet Realty is a tax deductible
Comprehensive Property Management service

Stanistreet Realty prides itself on developing a sound business reputation as a highly professional real estate agency, paying particular attention to managing your investment property the way you request and expect.

Tax Deductible Management Fee schedule

Rent Collection 5 % of Rent Collected NIL GST
Management Fee 3 % of Rent Collected NIL GST
Letting Fee One week Rent NIL GST
Database check NTD / TICA $11.00 (NIL GST) each new Let
Renegotiations of Lease Renewal 50 % of Letting Fee NIL GST
Internet – Stanistreet Realty expense
Internet – Stanistreet Realty expense
Periodic Inspections / Maintenance Stanistreet Realty expense
Project Management / Refurbishment 15 % of accepted quotation
Tenancy Mediation fee Stanistreet Realty expense
Small Claims Court Tribunals fee $60.00 / per hour
Insurance Claim processing fee Stanistreet Realty expense
Monthly Statements Fee Stanistreet Realty expense
End of Financial Year Statement fee $45.00 per property (NIL GST)
Administration, Bank Charge fees $10.00 per month (NIL GST)


Stanistreet Realty advertises in The Cairns Post classified under Houses / Flat & Units for Let, at a cost of usually 10% less than casual advertising rates passing any savings onto you. See our high profile ‘High-Viz’ Business colour that clearly attracts tenants attention and certainly separates Stanistreet Realty from other agencies.