Stanistreet Realty prides itself on Service & Creditability

At times despite thorough and extensive screening processes for the most important process of tenant selection, there is unfortunately no guarantee that a tenant or tenants will not default during the course of their tenancy.

People’s circumstances change — personal relationships breakdown or employment ceases or changes along with pay reductions and a tenant’s priority to pay rent first shifts. Unavoidably, these circumstances are beyond our control.

However by encouraging 360 degree communication with our tenant/s by; personal contact, SMS messages, telephone, emails, reminder letters, this may avoid or revert this rental default from occurring.

A tax-deductible insurance investment policy will protect you from somebody else’s misfortune whether you engage a Property Manager or by private management.
We recommend you investigate your insurance options thoroughly with your insurance advisor. Or use the web to browse some of the popular insurers, such as, EBM, Terri Scheer or AON

(The PAMD, Real Estate Agency Practice, Code of Conduct, Regulation 2001, Section 26—Referral to Service Provider, prevents us from recommending an insurer).