Stanistreet Realty considers Tenancy selection to be among the most important requirements of its property management program, therefore:

Once you, as our prospective tenant, have contacted Stanistreet Realty we arrange an immediate appointment to meet you at either our office or on site to view your choice of our advertised properties.

NOTE: Stanistreet Realty does not hand out property access keys.

Meeting you on site provides two positive steps to assist us with your application. First, Russ Stanistreet (Principal) personally meets you (remember – first impression is everything) and the second is that the inspection can also assist the internal benefits of our property to assist you in making your choice.

You are then invited to complete a detailed Application form (see Tenancy Application). The application is then processed within 24 hours, conditional upon the accessibility of your references supplied.

You and your application are professionally screened through a National Tenancy
Database — NTD and TICA. If these checks are satisfactory, then Stanistreet Realty then proceeds with the application process by contacting current and or previous Lessors or Agents, personal and business references, confirm employment and income and will also make contact with your relatives and / or parents or guardians, if need be.

Once your application has been fully processed, Russ Stanistreet makes contact with the Lessor / Landlord for their favourable consideration.

After your application has been approved, a suitable time is organised for you to come into our office and sign a General Tenancy Agreement.

This General Tenancy Agreement document sets out the terms and conditions of the tenancy including the length of the lease, the rental and bond amounts, states if pets are approved and any special conditions of the tenure. It also states the your obligations regarding the property’s use, condition and cleanliness.

A reminder again, Stanistreet Realty considers Tenancy selection to be among the most important requirements of its property management program, and as Principal, Russ Stanistreet will discusses this General Tenancy Agreement document with the you ensuring that you fully understand what they are signing and the strict policies of Stanistreet Realty.

NOTE: All conversations are file noted and signed by all parties to the process.

One week’s rent will be required to be paid by you when you sign the General Tenancy Agreement.
It is a Stanistreet Realty policy that bond equivalent to four weeks rent, plus another week’s rent, be paid before you can collect the keys for your property (i.e. a total of 4 weeks rent for bond plus 2 week’s rent in advance).

Your Bond is lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) on your behalf. In accordance with RTA legislation, this bond is lodged within 10 days of receipt by Stanistreet Realty.